Windham, Kevin

Residence: Centreville, MS
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Birthdate: February 28, 1978
Racing #: 14
Competing since: 1994

What are your career championships?
2012 10th (SX)
2011 7th (SX), 9th (450MX)
2010 2nd (SX), 14th (450MX)
2009 5th (SX)
2008 2nd (SX)
2007 4th (SX), 5th (MX)
2006 14th (SX), 2nd (MX)
2005 3rd (SX), 2nd (250MX)
2004 2nd (SX), 3rd (250MX)
2003 2nd (250MX)
2002 18th (SX)
2001 4th (SX), 2nd (250MX)
2000 4th (SX), 3rd (250MX)
1999 7th (SX), 2nd (250MX)
1998 4th (SX), 8th (250MX)
1997 18th (SX), 2nd (125MX)
1996 1st (WSX), 19th (SX), 2nd (125MX)
1995 5th (ESX), 16th (250MX)
1994 19th (125MX)
2011 Windham remained competitive in 2011, finishing the season seventh in the points standings. The Mississippi rider had three top-five finishes and finished inside the top 10 13 times.

2010 Continuing one of the longest runs in MX/SX, Windham had a very successful year in AMA Supercross, finishing the season
second on the back of eight podium finishes that include two wins... Outdoors, he picked up at half-season and notched a win and a second-place finish to end the year 14th overall.

2009 Competed in the AMA Supercross Series...Made every main event and finished outside the top 10 only twice in the 17 race series...Had two podium finishes....Raced for the Geico Powersports Honda Team.

2008 Windham finished as the runner-up for the AMA Supercross Series title with four wins and eight additional podium finishes… Raced with Torco Racing Fuels Honda team.

2007 Windham raced in AMA Supercross Series, earning podium finishes at San Diego, Calif., Seattle, and Las Vegas… Raced in the AMA Motocross Championship, earning an overall win at New Berlin, N.Y., and taking two additional overall podium finishes… Raced with with Sobe No Fear Honda team

2006 Windham raced a limited AMA Supercross season, earning top-five finishes at Houston and Las Vegas… Raced in the AMA Motocross Championship, earning five overall podium finishes and was runner-up for the championship title… Raced with Sobe Samsung Honda team.

2005 Windham was a front-runner throughout the year... In the AMA 250cc Supercross series he earned a win at the Anaheim, Calif. season-opener, and scored eight additional podium finishes... Raced in the AMA 250cc Motocross Championship, earning nine overall podium finishes... Raced with Amsoil Honda team.

2004 Contested the AMA 250cc Supercross series, taking five wins and eight additional podium finishes... Windham raced in the AMA 250cc Motocross Championship, earning seven overall podium finishes... Raced with Amsoil Honda team.

2003 After a yearlong hiatus, Windham returned to race in the AMA 250cc U.S. Motocross Championship... He ended the season as runner-up for the title with overall wins at New Berlin, N.Y. and Washougal, Wash., and six additional overall podium finishes... Raced with Factory Connection Honda team.

2002 Windham raced a limited AMA 250cc Supercross series after sustaining a major leg injury, his best result a sixth-place at San Diego, Calif... Raced with team SoBe Suzuki.

2001 Windham took AMA 250cc Supercross series podium finishes at the second and third Anaheim, Calif., races, and at New Orleans, and St. Louis... In the AMA 250cc motocross series, Windham took the overall victory at Washougal, Wash., and Delmont, Pa., and had five additional overall podium finishes... Raced with American Suzuki team.

2000 Windham won the Irving, Tex., round of the AMA EA Sports 250cc Supercross series, and took six additional podium finishes.... He took four podium finishes in the AMA Chevy Trucks 250cc U.S. Motocross Championship, including his best result of second-place at Troy, Ohio... Raced with American Honda team.

1999 Windham won the Tampa, Fla., and Dallas AMA 250cc Supercross races and took two additional podium finishes. He took the overall win at the Sacramento, Calif., Budds Creek, Md., Buchanan, Mich., and Binghamton, N.Y., rounds of the AMA 250cc Motocross Nationals, and also took four additional overall podium finishes. Member of U.S. Motocross des Nations team. Raced with factory Honda.

1998 Windham won the New Orleans and St. Louis 250cc Supercross rounds, and took five additional podium finishes... finished outside the top-10 just once in the 1998 Supercross series. He took podium finishes in the 250cc Mazda Truck Motocross Nationals races at Budds Creek, Md., and New Berlin, N.Y. Finished outside the top-10 just twice in the nine motocross races he entered... rode for team Yamaha.

1997 A great season for Windham,.. He won all but two rounds of the 125 West Region Supercross series... Had 125cc National Motocross overall wins at Buchanan, Mich., New Berlin, N.Y., and Delmont, Pa....Had five overall podium finishes in the 13 round 125cc National Motocross Series... Rode for Team Yamaha.

1996 With his spectacular season, Windham is now considered among the elite in AMA Supercross and Motocross... Won the 125cc West Region Supercross races at Minneapolis, Anaheim, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis and Denver... Won 125cc Motocross Nationals at San Bernardino, Calif., Mt. Morris, Pa., Binghamton, N.Y. and Delmont, Pa.... Rode for Team Yamaha.

1995 Took five podium finishes in the 125cc East Region Supercross Series, best result was second at Minneapolis... Top 125cc Motocross finish was fifth at Delmont, Pa... Rode for Team Yamaha.

1994 AMA Motocross Rookie of the Year... Top 125cc Motocross result was fifth at Delmont, Pa... Rode on Kawasaki support team.

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