Miss Supercross Dianna - Las Vegas
Miss Supercross Dianna

Hello everyone! It's my final good bye to all of you! Before I let you know about my weekend I want to say thank you for all your love, support, emails and messages! I've had a blast these past two seasons being your Ms Supercross!

Vegas is always busy with a ton of events going on to promote our last Supercross. I came to Vegas on Wednesday and headed to our FELD appreciation dinner. It was great sitting down with all the guys and other announcers to catch up and relax.

Saturday rolled around and I was running all around the pits as usual! Interviews, photos, and tons of autographs but I love it ;) the night show was awesome, fans were loving the giveaways! The Main events were some of the most exciting races in awhile! Congrats to Barcia for picking up the win on the Davi Coombs East and West Shootout! As well as Dungey picking up the last win here in Las Vegas!

You all were so great to me for another season! I'm so blessed and grateful! I had a blast as your Ms Supercross! Always head over to diannadahlgren.com to stay updated with me and of course I always love hearing from my fans and supporters!

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